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Konversations with K & B


Our business is designed to allow people to voice their opinions but also a safe place where these light hearted brain storming events can enlighten people to see things differently.  We believe people are interested in finding their way and purpose in a world where most are defining their own truth. Many have tried the viewpoints of scientist, psychologist, formal educators and others, but have they been successful? Although they have helped us in several areas, the community at large is still in desperate need of help.

We host fun, exciting Konversation Parties at coffee shops and various venues, that give us the platform to discuss challenging issues.  We believe the key to harmony lies within how we view ourselves and others. Our goal is to shed light on this uncommon perspective of ourselves to help us live a rich full life.


To find out more about Keith click here and Ms. B. click here.

Keith Jenkins, Founder

"For my words are wise, and my thoughts are filled with insight."  (Psalm 49:3 NLT).

Keith E. Jenkins


Bridget Jenkins

Speaker/Leader/Senior Mentor
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