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I'm an author, mentor, teacher and minister.  I've been mentoring men for over 20 years and nearly 10 years I've been teaching a bible study weekly.  It started out with men and eventually evolved into men and women with Ms. B. by my side.  I graduated from Christian Leaders Institute, where I studied to become a teacher of the Bible.  I've been asked to teach at several different venues from churches to men's conferences.  I also have a degree in Business Marketing from North Carolina A & T State University and I am the owner of GTD Auto Salon, an auto detailing company.  GTD has been in business for over 25 years.  I'm married to the beautiful Ms. B, with four children and eight grands.


I struggled for years trying to figure out why God allowed so many people to suffer.  The answer changed my life forever.  I realized that God doesn't want anyone to suffer but the enemy of our soul has blinded the true intentions of God and has controlled many of us for most of our lives. I understand my true identity and how to dominate any problem that comes in my life.


I decided to write my first book on the topic called, "What is the Truth”, to be released November 2021.  Heavy title right?  Through my journey writing this book, the answers that plagued my life emerged and with it my purpose: "How to help people find the answers to the most difficult problems they face in life".  


My passion is to go and love on the people where they are.  Konversations with K & B was founded to do just that; reach my neighbors where they enjoy hanging out.  This gives me a platform to do what I love most, teach and help people overcome challenging issues.  Our goal is to see over a million people mentored through us and our team of trainers.  Jesus Christ as my Lord has given me the power, love and wisdom to finish my course in life reaching those who need help and restoring the years that our adversary has stolen from mankind.

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