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We believe that people have been blinded by how they view themselves and others.  We offer a two part series designed to help you live from a new perspective.


Part 1:  Konversations Power Core  This course teaches you to redefine your self image; the core of your identity.  Click here for more information.

Part 2:  Konversations Power Practice  This course teaches you how to apply the principles taught in the Power Core course.  Click here for more information.


These two courses are a series of four classes each designed to teach the recipient a new way to see life.  We believe that God has made us in His image but who is God?  How can we define ourselves when we are not sure who we are?  Did we evolve from an animal?  What is a human?  Is God real?

We believe that everyone is perfect contrary to what most think.  How can we say that with confidence?  Our courses will empower you to walk out life full of energy, power and a love unimaginable.   The problem lies within the lens of how we view life.  We want to increase your mental awareness and thereby refocusing your attention in a way for you to discover your true self and purpose in life.  

Each class is two hours long and there are series of audio lessons that will accompany both courses.  In addition, we are available through email to answer any questions you may have.  You will graduate with an insight and the ability to see the power of God in action working through your life and others around you.  You will learn to dominate any problem you face and realize your significance to the world around you.

Each course is FREE.  Please email us to sign up for the next course.  Click here.

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